I don't get my 3DS for another 90 minutes - the GameStop here in Springfield, Ore. did no midnight launch (mall location) and won't open until noon. But we're already getting reports in from readers in North America about their experiences with Nintendo's new handheld.

Tipster RavenWorks: "I entered 'Shazam!' as my 3DS status message. It told me 'This contains inappropriate language and cannot be used'. Is anyone compiling a list of these weird blacklist entries yet?"


Gomer Pyle's gonna be disappointed. Bash wrote about the 3DS' surprisingly permissive vocabulary for such things over in Japan. Yet in the U.S., we can't use Shazam? Has anyone tried "titty-fuck" yet?

Jordan White supplies this YouTube video of the swag he got at the Nintendo 3DS launch event last night at Best Buy in Union Square, New York City. He says he was eighth in line.


Alastair P., writing from the U.K., picked up his 3DS when it launched on Friday. He thinks he may own the first broken 3DS in the West.

"Within a couple of hours of opening the box I managed to spill metal polish on the desk on which the new handheld was sitting. It got in to the upper screen and has damaged the LCD and jammed the 3D depth slider," Alastair explained. "Needless to say I am absolutely gutted about this. ... It took me a couple of months to save for it, so I'm imagining that after waiting months for the release I'm now going to wait months to get enough money to replace it and I still haven't played any games!"

We hope you're having a better experience with your 3DS. By all means, share your impressions, opinions and reactions with us and your fellow readers in the comments here.