We delved into the world of Sword & Sworcery, drank deeply from a new Tapper, found the intersection of Mario and Lemmings, and drilled our way to high scores this week, highlighting a new Gaming App of the Day as we tend to to Monday through Friday.

It was a week that was also threatened by a renewed addiction to Angry Birds. How could we let that happen? Again?! *sigh*

Let's catch up on all the games we played on our iPhones and iPads this week, right now.


If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

The Most Beautiful Sights On My iPad Are These First Few Minutes Of Sword & Sworcery

The game's been a mystery. Is it an adventure game? An action game? Or what? I've got the first several minutes of the game for you to look at here. Enjoy the sights. More »

Overkill Will Keep Shooting Until The Money Runs Out

Overkill is what happens when Duck Hunt meets the cold, fiscal reality of the App Store. More »

Lemmings Meets Mario In The Delightfully Puzzling Kami Retro

Take Mario's platforming, Lemmings' life-saving gameplay, add a hint of urgency and colorfully pixelated 3D graphics, and you're just scratching the surface of Kami Retro, the must-play puzzle platformer for the iPhone and iPod Touch. More »

Tapper: World Tour Looks Great and is More Fulfilling

As a natural for the multitouch controls of the iPhone and iPad - what's its name, after all - the frantic beer-slinging good time returns in Tapper: World Tour, a great reboot that's well worth the dollar it costs. More »

The Drill Plus is a Little Bit of Fun

The premise of The Drill Plus, a top down, uh, drill-em-up, is your scrawny hero transforms into a drill in times of need, in this case, an invasion of monsters who look like they came from a Frankenberry commercial. This is like Beck lyrics.More »

Penguin Slider Serves Up Slippery Puzzles

Called Penguin Slider, the game is a puzzle title in which players much slide the penguin through a walled-in area. Once the penguin is "pushed", he won't stop until he hits a wall or a block of ice. The aim is to get the little guy to his goal in the fewest moves possible. More »