Penguin Slider Serves Up Slippery Puzzles

When you're a high school student, sometimes your work ends up on the fridge at home. Other times, it ends up on the Apple Store and Kotaku.

Called Penguin Slider, the game is a puzzle title in which players much slide the penguin through a walled-in area. Once the penguin is "pushed", he won't stop until he hits a wall or a block of ice. The aim is to get the little guy to his goal in the fewest moves possible.

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It was developed by students Ashley Hunter and Mark Thompson (pictured) in their free time. The duo are big fans of games like World of Goo and Angry Birds, and they wanted to try their hand at creating a title for the iOS. "As we developed and continued to add to the app," Mark tells Kotaku, "we tested it with our classmates to hear their thoughts on what could be improved, what they liked and also to help us locate any bugs."

So far, the students have sold 700 copies of the iPhone and iPad game. Not bad! While the full game is $0.99, there is now a "lite" version that has twelve stages players can check out free of charge. Mark and Ashley created their own development studio as well, and plan on releasing more Penguin Slider stages in the future.

Penguin Slider [App Store]

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If they're in the UK then it's secondary school not highschool :D But uh there's something that bothers me and it's this system of numbered levels and star ratings.

It's overdone to hell! If you were a game designer and asked how you could reinvent that formula, what would you say?