In today's episode of Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Kadin is curious to know which video game hardware and software companies have earned your trust over the years, and which have lost it. Where does your trust lie?

Which of the big companies out there has earned your trust and which of them has lost it? Before you find yourself quickly answering this question, be sure to distinguish 'trust' from the terms 'like' or 'enjoy'. We all have certain taste... but are companies honest overall?


It's easy to think of a company, say Apple, and view their more closed system and have a hatred or disliking for them. Does that mean they're a company you can't trust? Or let's say Microsoft for example. They've had antitrust issues in the past but how do you feel overall about them? Do you think if they could rob you blind and get away with it, they would? How about Google? They're generally accepted to be a very reliable and good email host. Their apps are widely used but they've had a snafu here and there. Do you think they're a company that would use your information without you knowing it? They have every ability to do this… but would they?

How about some of the big game developers? Does EA's recent trend of included codes to get unique software content make your skin crawl? Is this a shady tactic or one you can understand and maybe not agree with but see from their perspective? Is Nintendo really bringing a whole new experience with the soon to be released 3DS or are they just milking another system on an already successful formula? Do you 'trust' these companies to give you the experience you're looking for, for the money you're giving them? Or have our expectations dropped off and we feel like we're settling for stuff now?

If there is a company that you no longer trust, is it due to how you specifically were treated or wronged in a specific way, or is it more general and based on what's been reportedly done to others? I say reportedly because obviously no one can truly know all the details unless they're directly involved.


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