David Cage, director of psychological thriller Heavy Rain and co-founder of French studio Quantic Dream, is not thrilled with the same generic games - noting that many US developers feel the same.

The game designer tells the Guardian, "Developers are fed up – they want to talk about their families, politics, whatever – why not in a game? Why not?! There is no reason."


Cage most recently designed Heavy Rain, which he based on his relationship with his first son and how the kid changed his life. At a shopping mall a few years back, his son wandered away for five minutes — the longest five minutes of his life. "It was something really strong," Cage told Wired back in February 2010. "I guess the story of Heavy Rain comes from these five minutes."

For him, the game was about how it felt to love someone without expecting anything in return.

"There should be more people trying this," he says. "Don't write about being a rookie soldier in WWII, because you don't have a clue what that's like. Talk about yourself, your life, your emotions, the people around you, what you like, what you hate – this is how the industry will make a huge step forwards. I'm fed up with space marines."

But, is he fed up with bald space marines?

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