A Lot to Handle | The first weekend of the NCAA Tournament is widely recognized as the busiest four-day stretch of gambling in Las Vegas. After an upset-filled Thursday, the tournament played out its first two rounds more conventionally. (File photo: Getty Images)

Here's Kinect - Working on a PS3 (And Playing Killzone 3)

This genie of Kinect modification is never going back in the bottle. Now a modder has figured out a way to get the Microsoft device to work with a PlayStation 3. More »

Is This Studying Hate Speech, or Just Intellectualized Trolling?

GAMBIT, the video games research center at MIT, is investigating racism and hate speech in online multiplayer gaming. The results are not particularly surprising, but I'll confess to a morbid curiosity as to what a gamer would hear playing Halo: Reach under the gamertag PROUD_2B_MUSLIM, GayPride90 or Black_N_Proud90. It, and the language in this video, is decisively NSFW. More »

Taking a Punch Like a Man - Just Not From One

Felice Herrig is in a man's video game, the upcoming Supremacy MMA, along with another female colleague, but neither fighter will hang with the men. Not in the same ring of that video game, anyway. Though the two will be the first female mixed martial artists to appear in a video game, they will only be able to fight each other in it, making their inclusion both a pioneering step and a notably cautious one. More »

See the Story Treatment for the Aborted Fallout Movie

In 1998, a year after Fallout released and became a smash hit on the PC, the game's publisher formed a films division intending to develop its properties into movies. One of those was to be Fallout. The story treatment for that film has been found. More »

No More Manuals as EA Sports Goes Green

This is the last printed manual you'll ever see for an EA Sports game. The publisher has joined Ubisoft in releasing games without an instruction booklet, and will instead include a version of instructions that gamers may page through from within the game. More »

Creator of NBC's "Community" Celebrated Its Renewal with … Bulletstorm?

The Twitterverse went off like a fireworks volley on Thursday when news passed that "Community," the critically acclaimed but low-rated NBC comedy-drama, was picked up for a third season. How did the show's creator celebrate? "I came home and I played 'Bulletstorm.'" More »

I've done two NCAA Tournaments in Vegas, both times for bachelor's parties. When you place your bets, assuming you're betting any kind of respectable amount, you can usually wangle extra drink tickets out of the guy behind the counter. A little bribe doesn't hurt either. –Owen Good

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