Spring does not arrive until a week from tomorrow, but for me, it gets here when daylight saving time arrives, which was this morning. Here is my college sophomore video editing project attempting to capture the seasons changing here, in the beautifully verdant setting of my dumpy apartment.

And here are the headline highlights from the weekend.

MLB 11 The Show is Still The Finest in the Field

I've seen the big leagues, son. I've squinted at the lights at Fenway as the sun makes a cotton candy sky behind the Citgo sign in left. But I ain't there right now. I'm down here chewing on grass, pitching in my third game in as many days, deep in the well of the low minor leagues, where the uniforms are washed every other day.


Nah, bullshit. I made up that last part about the laundry because it sounded like something a Ken Burns film would say. I go way further in baseball simulations, living out my professional athlete fantasies, and Sony's MLB The Show franchise has indulged them like no other. It happens every spring. More »

Pokémon Company Squashes Twitter Rumor of Creator's Death

A spokesman for the Pokémon Company said all employees, including Pokémon creator Satoshi Tajiri, are alive and safe following Thursday's tremendous earthquake in Japan, specifically rebutting a widespread rumor that Tajiri had died in the disaster.


"False. Everyone at the Pokemon Company and Gamefreak is fine," spokesman J.C. Smith told Kotaku. He said that power in Tokyo was an issue but everyone is safe and sound. More »

PAX East Cosplay Day 2: The Castle Crasher, The Little Sister, And A Lego Master Sword

On the first day of PAX East, we got some good video game cosplay, but day two trumped the day one efforts. A Zelda sword made of Lego pieces? A Team Fortress 2 / BioShock mash-up? Professor Layton teaming up with Uncle Sam? More »

Nickels, Dimes, Pennants, Pennies or Points, Sports Gamers Still Get Value

It didn't take long after MLB 11 The Show's release for everyone to notice its microtransactions menu and give it a good public flogging. While I don't claim that these things are in anyone's interest other than the publisher's, gamers do a fantastic job of making this out to be a more odious threat than it really is. More »