Which is tougher, the female version of Mass Effect 2's Commander Shepard, or the female version of Dragon Age II's Hawke? When costumer extraordinaire Holly Conrad and crew take on both BioWare sequels, everybody wins.

You may remember Holly Conrad and her team from the best Mass Effect 2 cosplay every created. Her group created movie-quality costumes for Commander Shepard, Tali, the Illusive Man, and Grunt, stealing the show at last year's San Diego Comic-Con.

Now the team has coalesced into a company called Crabcat Industries, creating not only costumes but costumed entertainment for the masses. Together with writer/producer Jessica Merizan, Crabcat is producing a web series called Hawke Vs. Shepard, with Holly as Shepard, Jessica as Hawke, and flash animated intros by Ross O'Donovan of Vuvu Hero fame.

Visitors to PAX East in Boston this weekend will be able to attend a Hawke Vs. Shepard panel to help determine whether science or magic reigns supreme. No offence to Holly's Shepard, but the female rogue Hawke is tops in my book.