The crew is flying back from San Francisco with more coverage from GDC 2011 to deliver in the coming week. For now, here's a roundup of this weekend's best, and a peaceful nature hike to chill you out before your own work week begins. Mine is now ending.

Video Game Wizards Are Re-Fighting Vietnam For Comedy's Sake

Bewildered gamers were not the only people who thought that setting the first expansion to the satirical sorcery game Magicka in the Vietnam War was crazy. More »

Where Everybody Knows Their Name - Except Them

I tried to disguise my blitz but Jake Locker picked it up immediately. He's a first-round draft pick and a four-year starter at quarterback for Washington. You reach that level, you're probably well coached.

"You play NCAA Football 11 last year?" I led.

"All the time," said Locker.

"Would you play as yourself and the Huskies, or -"

"Well, it's not me in the game," Locker said. More »

The Social Games Rant You Didn't Hear from GDC

By all accounts, "No F@*#king Respect: Social Game Developers Rant Back" was a hit at Game Developers Conference 2011. A standing-room only crowd listened to a panel of eminent designers address the virtues of and double-standards applied to social games.


There's one rant you may not have heard though. It came from one attendee who exploited a social game organized for the audience as they entered the session. His name is Ryan Henson Creighton (pictured), the founder of Toronto-based Untold Entertainment. Here's his account of it: More »

Angry Birds Crashing Into Facebook Soon

Perhaps spurred on by ripoff apps already in place, Angry Birds' developer says the game will have a Facebook adaptation inside of the month. More »