My new morning routine: Get up, dump, prepare coffee, boil a pot of water to do the dishes from last night.

I have no hot water in my kitchen sink. This will get fixed sometime this week. Until then, I'm washing plates old school, and using them as little as possible. Here's our big stories from the weekend.

Billy Mitchell Opens an Arcade Billy Mitchell, who supplied every villainous stereotype short of twirling his mustache in "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters," has opened an arcade at Orlando's airport under the film's branding - with good guy Steve Wiebe gracing the entrance.

Here's Doom - Running on a Graphing Calculator Here, folks, is gaming on the original handheld - a calculator. While you're still snickering over spelling out BOOBLESS and HELL upside down on yours, some guy's gone and run Doom - real Doom - on a Texas Instruments Nspire.

Why the NFL's Labor Strife Might Be the Best Thing That Happened to Madden Even if a lockout doesn't happen - even if the dispute between owners and players is solved tomorrow - the labor unrest in the National Football League will have ramifications reaching well into the future - for video games.

Hey, Whatever Happened to Marcus, the PSP Mascot?A Sony executive recently declared that Marcus Rivers, the smartass 'tween flack for the PSP who debuted at E3 last year, delivered "positive sales effects," for the handheld. Near as I can tell, that's the first anyone's heard of the little twerp in more than four months.