Long day, much of it spent running around in the morning, entertaining Micro-Bash. Hope he was entertained!

I got to go to the library, which was pretty darn bad ass. I love the library. It's a great place.

The Simple Joy Of Men Kicking Balls Flick Kick Football is about kicking balls. And that's it. Simple premise, but also a highly effective one.

Why They Still Make Pokémon Movies The easy answer, of course, is that the Pokémon movies still make money. The longer answer is slightly more involved. Since 1998, there has been a new Pocket Monsters anime in Japan every year, like clockwork. And not only are they released each year, but they are always released during the same month: July.

How A Game Character Nearly Turned Up On A Star Wars Cartoon Revan, the star of Knights of the Old Republic, is a fairly popular character in Star Wars' expanded universe. So it's probably for the best that plans to include him in the woeful Clone Wars cartoon fell through.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Is "Cheap" And "Easy" Justin Wong. You know the guy Daigo beat, is a fantastic Marvel vs. Capcom 2 player. He's probably one of the best in the world. He gets Marvel vs. Capcom, so what does he think about the newest entry in the series?

Sony's Mascot Has A Sandwich, And It Will Kill You Some of our braver readers may have tried a "Monte Cristo" sandwich in their time. If you're still alive and with us, congratulations. You are, however, a coward compared to what Sony mascot Kevin Butler chows down on.