Kotaku spent the weekend at Toy Fair 2011 in New York City to check out the newest toys around. From Transformers to Play-Doh to...Tetris the Card Game, we'll be showcasing the toys that gamers will love or just find downright weird.

This is what we saw...


Tetris The Card Game? And that's not even the most surprising non-video game Tetris (Caveat: Giant Tetris pictured here to promote Tetris Link, is not a real Tetris game). [Watch] *added Sunday evening*


What could they possibly be making to promote Pokémon Black & White? All of this... [Watch] *added Sunday evening*

Final Fantasy

The heroes and summons of Final Fantasy in statue form. [Look] *added Sunday evening*

World of Warcraft

The newest WoW statues: standard and extra-special. [Watch] *added Sunday evening*


Whatever can kill you in Left 4 Dead, Portal or Half-Life, makes for a good statue. [Watch]


Mario, Dark Link, Kirby, Blue Spiked Turtle Shells... if it's Nintendo-famous, they have it at Toy Fair 2011. [Watch]

Mario Checkers, Mario RC cars, and more and more Mario. [Look] *added Sunday evening*


Check out NECA's newest BioShock 2 statues. [Look]


This stunning Banshee is just one of an impressive line of Halo toys from the McFarlane company for 2011. [Watch]

Halo Mega Bloks, featuring one 800-piece set — and one bigger than that. [Watch] *added Sunday evening*

DC Universe Online

The Joker, his friends and his enemies, all statues based on DC Comics' new MMO. [Look] *added Sunday evening*

Board Games

The most technologically-advanced version of Battleship not involving real boats. [Watch]

Plants Vs. Zombies: The Board Game. Really. [Look] *added Sunday evening*


Transformers Dark of the Moon video game highlights triple-changes. [Read]

The newest Transformer toys, including some Transformers Go-Bots [Watch]

Optimus Prime parked in New York City, Decepticons not in sight. [Watch]


The cutest Millennium Falcon, Thor's Hammer, Muhammad Ali Monopoly, Transformers Play-Doh ... [Video and images]

From Gears of War 3 to Duke Nukem Forever, from Sonic the Hedgehog to Medal of Honor, a massive gallery of even more video game toys and statues. [Look] *added Sunday evening*