They've Taken The Game Of Battleship To The Next Level

Back when I was a kid, I thought that toymakers were revolutionizing the game of Battleship when they made a version that had electronic sounds. But that innovation had nothing on Hasbro's fall-scheduled Battleship Live.

Not a video game, not a board game. It's something else.

There's a Monopoly Live coming out later this year, but, at today's Hasbro Toy Fair showcase I only had eyes for Battleship.


Look for more Toy Fair news here on Kotaku throughout the weekend.

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I can't see this as more fun than regular battleship o.o

It doesn't even seem like battleship outside of say... ships doing battle.

It might not be terrible, but the voice acting strikes me as annoying eventually and I don't really think I would ever pay 50 dollars to find out.