Or drive very slowly to my kid's cram school to pick up his homework. Many kids go to cram schools so that they can cram things into their brains. Mini-Bash says he likes it, because he gets to stuff math more. He likes math. I hated it.

How Mortal Kombat's Director Went From Dancing Shoes To Severed Heads Before the dog days of summer set in, a clip leaked online for a take on the Mortal Kombat movie nobody had ever seen. Gritty, violent and brutal, it was a far cry from the 1990s Hollywood flick.

Why Conan O'Brien Isn't Hosting An Xbox Live Show Talk show Conan 0'Brien landed at cable network TBS after a brouhaha broke out on the Tonight Show. As previously posted, O'Brien could've inked a deal for Xbox Live, but didn't. His producer now finally explains why.

How To Clean Your Cartridges When Blowing Doesn't Work By virtue of the fact they're old, game cartridges are normally filthy as hell. Which means sometimes they won't work! Not to fear. If blowing on them won't get them up and running, a chemical fix probably will.

Cheaters Are Messing Up The Gran Turismo Academy Cheaters Are Messing Up The Gran Turismo AcademyThis year's edition of the GT Academy, a long-running competition that has now been turned into a TV show, is in a bit of a mess after so many people were caught cheating the last round was called off.

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