Star Wars: The Old Republic's Flashpoint system will give players of BioWare's upcoming MMO the chance to team up and take on epic group adventures, like rescuing an important Jedi Master from the Imperial planet of Taral V.

We've seen plenty of solo gameplay for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but not much in the way of team-based adventure. That's where Flashpoints come in. Flashpoints are instanced zones where teams of Imperial or Republic players will partake of adventures every bit as rich and detailed as the single-player content. Teamwork is key, and the decisions your group makes while playing can change the experience for everyone involved.


For those World of Warcraft players out there, think instances, only with a much deeper storyline and lightsabers.

Check out the Flashpoint page on The Old Republic website to see more examples of these interactive multiplayer Star Wars tales.

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