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The game we've known as Max Anarchy until now—well, for the past two days—will be known as Anarchy Reigns when it comes to the West. Sega makes the latest game from PlatinumGames official today, with all-new screens.

Anarchy Reigns is described by Sega as a "third-person multiplayer brawler" due for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this fall. The publisher promises a "a diverse range of multiplayer modes to provide players with different challenges, including Tag Team battles and Battle Royal."

The online beat 'em up will be produced by Atsushi Inaba of Okami, Vanquish and Madworld fame and directed by Masaki Yamanaka. Yamanaka has also worked on Madworld, God Hand and Resident Evil 4, but this is his first go as a director.

"There are plenty of 'versus multiplayer games' where gamers face each other down the barrel of a gun," Yamanaka says of his directorial debut. "Anarchy Reigns is unique in that allows a large number of players to go fist to fist in online multiplayer battles. The challenge of creating a brawler like this is second to none, but neither is the gameplay. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat are both amped far beyond what you would ever experience in a shooter. I'm making this the game that I have always wanted to play, and I won't stop until that goal is met. I hope you all look forward to brawling online."

The top image shows Madworld's Jack chainsawing in full-color action. Here's more.

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Clearly, PlatinumGames is taking their buttocks-rendering know-how from Bayonetta and putting it to good use in Anarchy Reigns. While the character design appears to be all over the place, it looks like there's some amount of Vanquish's art style in this game.


The environments initially look a little flat, but it looks like we've got some more ornate architecture in the background.

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There seems to be no dress code in Anarchy Reigns. Armored suits, hoodies, hockey masks, full-on robot gear... all seem to be fair game. It looks like we've got at least nine combatants going at it on-screen here.