We've talked about failed assassinations, world domination and a surprisingly funny video game based on a kid's movie. We've had our say about our own greatest gaming moments of 2010. Now it's your turn.

Here for your easy perusal are the seven stories about what the writers of Kotaku thought were their personal greatest moments in gaming last year.

Read through them, grimace, agree, disagree, but then take the time here to tell us yours.

An Unforgettable Plane Ride And The Rest Of My 10 Favorite Video Game Moments Of 2010
A fluke victory in a multiplayer game. A memorable battle against a giant foe. An amazing come-from-behind win. There were great moments in the games we at Kotaku played last year. These are my 10 favorite gaming moments. (Spoilers)

Show Tunes, Shit Hogs, And My Other Favorite Gaming Moments Of 2010
From exultant triumphs to powerful rushes of nostalgia, my 2010 gaming experience was peppered with memorable moments. Here are my favorites. (Spoilers)

Shooting Dogfaces, A Singsong Voice And My Other Favorite Gaming Moments Of 2010
2010 might be over, but my memories of the year's games still live on and on. Here are some of my favorite gaming moments of 2010. (Spoilers)

From Muskets To Jokers, These Were My Favorite Gaming Moments Of 2010
I had many fond memories playing my way through 2010, but none were as fond as these. (Spoilers)

Painful Laughter, Killing Castro And My Other Favorite Gaming Moments of 2010
Suicide, laughter, and the believed death of a communist leader. These were just some of my ten favorite moments from my favorite games of 2010. (Spoilers)

Air Jordan, Granite Bears, and My Favorite Gaming Moments of 2010
As Kotaku's chief sports writer, my most memorable gaming moments of 2010 come entirely within that genre. No spoilers here, but then, the human drama of athletic competition follows no script. (Spoilers)

Somber Sasquatches, Awful Nudity And Other Great Video Game Moments of 2010
The bodies of dead little boys, the impact of extinction, the vicious torture of two of video game's least likable characters and hundreds of death by spike... these are, strangely, my most memorable video game moments of 2010. (Spoilers)