What Were Your Greatest Gaming Moments of 2010?

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We've talked about failed assassinations, world domination and a surprisingly funny video game based on a kid's movie. We've had our say about our own greatest gaming moments of 2010. Now it's your turn.

Here for your easy perusal are the seven stories about what the writers of Kotaku thought were their personal greatest moments in gaming last year.

Read through them, grimace, agree, disagree, but then take the time here to tell us yours.


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QualityJeverage's Greatest Gaming Moments of 2010

Spoilers abound. Each game is named in the bold header, so if you don't want that game spoiled, skip that part of this post. Moreover, I found myself agreeing with the Kotaku editors on a lot of their moments. So for the ones I share with them, I'll try not to just echo them and instead talk about why I specifically remember those moments.

Mass Effect 2 - But I meant well!

In Mass Effect 1, I let the council die, even though my Shepard is an uncompromising Paragon (Good guy). Having the fleet focus on Sovereign and letting the council die was a snap judgement, I figured more lives could be saved that way, and so I ordered it.

In Mass Effect 2 I found that that decision didn't quite have the effects I expected. I suppose mathematically, I did save more lives, but it colored how non-human characters in the game viewed and spoke to my Shepard. I wasn't a hero to them, I was the embodiment of human arrogance. I let their leaders die in order to save human lives.

For a brief time, I considered starting Mass Effect 2 over using a Mass Effect 1 save in which I made the opposite choice, but wouldn't that be cheating? Decisions in real life don't always have the result we want them to, but we can't go back and change them.

Ultimately, I was fascinated by the idea of making poor decisions inside a video game story, and then having to live with the repercussions. I stuck with that save, and it will be the one I bring into Mass Effect 3 as well.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Wait, Multiplayer before Singleplayer?!

I am a die-hard singleplayer gamer. I always try the multiplayer, but I get bored every time, very quickly, without fail. I need goals, a story, to keep me motivated to play. Repeated Deathmatches in the same environments, with the same weapons, hold no interest to me whatsoever.

When we first learned that the newest Assassin's Creed game would feature multiplayer, my immediate response was disappointment, followed by cautious optimism. There was no doubt in my mind that multiplayer Assassin's Creed couldn't work. I just hoped that it wouldn't get in the way of the single-player portion, which I loved. When the game came out, I was assured by my fellow gamers that the single-player was still substantial, and excellent. On their recommendation, I picked up the game. They were not wrong.

After a few hours spent playing the story mode, I decided to dip my toes into the multiplayer. I was still fully expecting it to fail, but I had purchased the game, and only stood to lose a few minutes of my life if I ended up being correct about the multiplayer. To my unending shock, I was dead wrong. Here is a multiplayer game that plays like a singleplayer game. Here is a game I never dreamed would happen, but did. A game where coming face to face with another player doesn't mean you start jumping around each other firing your shotguns. Instead, it triggers a silent, entirely mental confrontation. "Is he my target? Is he targetting me? Is he an NPC or a player? Can he tell I'm a player?" There are no frantic, twitch-based confrontations, no "hax" or " 'sploits" that provide enterprising 12-year olds with high scores. There is only the muted and slow-paced mental strategizing, punctuated with brief moments of incredible suspense, as you move in for the kill or try to escape being killed yourself.

It's almost as if Brotherhood's multiplayer was designed specifically for me, a person who doesn't like multiplayer.

Red Dead Redemption - Compass

Not going to say much on this one, since it seems like all of the Kotaku writers had it on their list too. It's the moment after you bring down Dutch, and are allowed to ride home to your family. The song kicks in, and you suddenly realize that Marston's journey is coming to a happy close. I fully expected the game to end here, imagine my surprise when it didn't.

Red Dead Redemption - Why couldn't it just have ended there!

As I said above, the game didn't end there. Instead, I actually get to see (And play) Marston's return to his family, and his efforts to try to lead a normal life with them. The just-long-enough chain of somewhat monotonous missions (Scaring crows away from the corn, teaching your son how to hunt, herding cattle, etc.) is enough to make it all the more shocking and painful when it all comes crashing down.

I actually messed up in the final moments. The game puts you into Dead Eye mode and (I imagine) allows you to try and shoot as many targets as you can before they open fire on you. I screwed up and hit a wrong button or something though, and exited out of Dead Eye before firing a shot. So Marston just went down, not even taking anyone with him. Somehow I found that more effective plot-wise. Even after all he had given to the government, wanting nothing in return but his family, he could do nothing when they came for him.

Mafia II - Bittersweet

This game gets a lot of flak here on Kotaku, especially from one editor in particular. I'm not one to name names, but it rhymes with Bowen Wood.

The ending in particular is a subject of sharp criticism all around, which makes it all the more strange for me to say that it was probably my favourite part of the game. I wasn't left without a sense of closure, or wanting more, or anything like that. Vito had accomplished the goal he'd been working towards for the entirety of the game, but it came at the cost of his friend Joe's life. So here he is, at the end of everything he'd been through, finally where he wanted to be. The final seconds of the game are just focusing on Vito's face as he contemplates what's just happened. He isn't happy, he isn't celebrating; he's wondering if it was worth it at all, if this is really the life he wants. And if it isn't, can he even get out now?

I'm not one to tell people they're wrong for disagreeing with me, and so I fully acknowledge that I am in the minority when it comes to liking Mafia II. I'm still confident in saying that the ending was one of my most memorable moments last year.


That's all I've got for now. I played lots of games in 2010, and I'm sure that as soon as I hit the Share button I'll remember a thousand more moments that I should have mentioned here. Regardless, these are the ones that sprung to mind.