To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Gift Guides

Tomorrow is Micro-Bash's birthday. He will be two years old. The following day? That's Mrs. Bashcraft's birthday, which kinda sucks for her, because that means she gets shoehorned in with Micro.


I actually went and bought her some presents the other day, and I hid them in the closet. She doesn't know it yet! So don't tell her.

Micro is getting a toy motorcycle, and I told his older brother Mini-Bash to write them birthday letters and draw them pictures. I went into the kid's room, and he had written a letter to the car salesman at the Alfa Romeo dealership instead!

The letter originally read: "Dear person at the Alfa Romeo dealership." I told Mini-Bash he should probably change it to the person's name, which he did. Last time we went to the Alfa dealer, I test drove the 159 (below). So in the letter, Mini-Bash asks the salesman to let him ride in the Alfa Romeo Giulietta — which isn't actually on sale in Japan yet! But the kid even tried to copy the Giulietta's font.

And Mini-Bash didn't draw a picture for his little brother or his mom, but he did draw a cool picture of the TZ3 Corsa.

It is Alfa's 100th anniversary, so Happy Birthday Alfa, sorry mommy and little brother?


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