Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game will get its first downloadable content extension early next month, delivering two bonus game modes and a new playable character: Knives Chau.

The pack will be 160 Microsoft Points, or $1.99 on PlayStation Network, IGN reports. The two bonus game modes are Battle Royal and Dodgeball. Dodgeball involves hitting your opponent with a large beachball, by throwing it, kicking it, or running into it. It's the only way to do damage in this mode. Battle Royal functions a lot like the pro wrestling term; players are on a platform, off the platform are various useful weapons. Go off the platform for more than 10 seconds, though, and you lose.

Knives Chau, in the main game, is the support character for all the other players. So who's her support character? Her mom, who wears a trackie and bitches out the bad guys. Good goin' Mrs. Chau!

Play Dodgeball With Knives [IGN, thanks ice_man]