Hideki Kamiya created Devil May Cry. So what does he have to say about Ninja Theory's new, controversial take on the game's protagonist Dante?

Let's just say, going by these Twitter response to fans since DmC's unveiling, he's not a fan. Not a hater, just...not a fan. And why would he be? Despite being long gone from Capcom, the company that owns the rights to the Devil May Cry series, Kamiya still created the character, and didn't have a moody, rebellious, dark-haired young man in mind when he did so.

Me, I'm not the biggest fan of the design, but I'm not necessarily down on it, either. Dante was an...acquired taste, and the series had gone as far as Kamiya's original vision would allow, so the reset button had to be set by somebody, sometime.

[Hideki Kamiya @ Twitter, via ScrawlFX]