New Devil May Cry's Debut Trailer

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Tonight in Tokyo, Capcom showed off its upcoming Devil May Cry title, DmC. This is the game's first trailer.


The game is being developed by Ninja Theory of Heavenly Sword fame and features a younger Dante.



You know I have wondered about how much sly cash developers are slipped by the tobacco industries to make some of their characters appear with a smoke.

They ain't daft, they know these adult games end up in the hands of kids. Great stealth advertising for the filthy bastards.

As a smoker that hates smoking, I would love to see smoking banned from games. Linking cigarettes to icon's in video games is appalling.

I have been noticing it a lot lately in the games I have played. Trying to make smoking look cool works wonders for sales, ands it's pure evil.

It would be nice to see a list of modern games, with smoking protagonist's, I know the MGS series is guilty as hell.