Haruna Anno is not a simply an idol. Run-of-the-mill idols aren't kick ass at Street Fighter and... Spelunker. Anno is a game idol. And she's got Atari raincoats to prove it?

While visiting a Japanese Q&A company, Haruna spotted some rare Atari items — Atari rubbers. She playfully recalls the "terrible" conversation that occurred when she asked for them.

The company replied that they were old, and making a Japanese word play on the meaning of "Atari", he added that because they were Atari, she would score if they were used. Continuing with the word plays, Haruna replied that there'd be an "Atari Shock" — here, either referring to the shock of conceiving or the Video Game Crash of 1983.


"Is the biggest problem is that 22-year-old me has zero experience? Waaaaaah" Haruna later blogged, revealing her maiden innocence and purity. Idols in Japan are supposed to be chaste, so her remarks are not surprising.

What is surprising is just how good she is at games. Bikini lady or not, anyone who can clear Super Mario Bros. Level 1-1 without looking or who put her Super Nintendo games in the refrigerator as an "experiment" is totally not screwing around.


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