There's nothing in the world quite like lifestyle photography, the practice of making models look like they're having fun with a product when they are in fact not having fun.

These new shots for Microsoft's Kinect, though, are especially great, because not only do they feature people trying to look silly flailing around their living room, but they feature what must be the most amazing group share house in world history.


Look at them! They're like one giant rainbow family. There's the Hispanic family, the Blonde/Hispanic family (ie the white people), the Japanese family (who we've seen before!), the Asian family (not Japanese!) and the "AA" family (ie African American"), all using the same Kinect in the same apartment (albeit in two configurations, one for families, one for couples)! Note we didn't label them that way; that's how the families and their photos are tagged on Microsoft's press site.

Wonderful how it can bring all the peoples of the world (or at least Microsoft's target demographics) together, all under one roof, only...where does everyone sleep?