The words "kinda like" are being used loosely. The words "skirt lifting" are not.

Japanese adult game developer Teatime, known for its first-person "shooter" adult game, has already brought face tracking "T-Cam" tech to its games, allowing players to look at in-game heroines from various angles, including, well, up female characters' skirts.

The developer went one step further, enabling adult game Love Death 4 to detect shapes. Because that is exactly what is missing from erotic computer games — the ability to show in-game characters stuff.


It's upcoming title Delusion Virtual Character Trouble features a "hand tracking" via a disembodied hand that corresponds to the player's own hand movements. (Oh great) There does seem to be slight lag, but it correctly what able to decipher gestures such as boob grabbing and skirt lifting. Important, apparently!


Microsoft's controller free motion control system Project Natal also recognizes hand gestures. Probably not these hand gestures, though.