So says THQ bossman Brian Farrell, who calms one of our fears about Sony and Microsoft's venture into the motion control space with PlayStation Move and Project Natal, respectively. His company, at least, sounds uninterested in straight up Wii ports.

Well, mostly. Farrell said on bringing its Wii games to new motion controllers for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 that "just porting over those assets don't work," so don't expect to see a rabid porting of games to Natal and Move.

"I think [Project Natal games] should be specific, standalone game experiences that exploit that new and significant technology," he said. "Move is the same way. You've got to do something unique and not just an add-on with respect to that platform."

Does that mean THQ is ruling out bringing some of its more successful Wii games, like de Blob, to the PS3 and Xbox 360? Of course not!


Farrell indicated that THQ will "take advantage where we can in development environments," so don't be surprised if a multiplatform, multi-motion controller designed title or two pops up.