Using eight images, game designer Zack Hiwiller shows us what Super Mario Bros. might look like, if it was made with modern sensibilities.

Author's Note: While this post is meant to be humorous, it isn't meant to be humorous at the expense of my fellow designers. I know we all try to do what is best for our games, so don't take offense guys! It's just pining for a simpler timeā€¦

If Mario was first designed in 2010, he'd probably have to adopt some of our modern trends.

Thirty minutes laterā€¦



Maybe this warp pipe is safe.



Zack Hiwiller is a professional game designer living in New York City. He writes about games and the industry on his blog ( when the server isn't a smoldering mess. If you are a board game publisher, contact him. He's got some prototypes to show...