To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Hey Look, Nissan Fairlady Z!

Today Tristan turned 9. Half the way to 18, or an adult in the eyes of the law. He has maybe two years left of committing felonies and pretty much getting away with it. Then it's being tried as an adult time, and finally being an adult time.

Good thing he's no felon.

We had a little party for him over the weekend, inviting four of his friends to sleep over, eat pizza, go to the movies, play games and of course eat this Tristan-picked cake.

Today, his real Birthday, is more about hanging out with the family.

Trish and I ended up giving Tristan the thing he wanted most: A week at a summer camp in Missouri. It's one of the only camps in the country that has a vet program where you help take care of wild animals. Hopefully he survives. I'll do my best to not call the camp every hour to check on him. Man, letting go of your kids as they grow up is hard.


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