LucasArts' early foray into first-person shootin', Star Wars style, looks like the next potential PSone Classic re-release coming to the PlayStation Store. The ESRB has re-rated Star Wars: Dark Forces for both the PlayStation 3 and PSP.

That's as good an indication as any that the PSone Classic line-up may get something revered unsarcastically as an actual "classic." The most recent original PlayStation digital releases on PSN, like Perfect Weapon, ONE, Jigsaw Madness and TNN Motorsports Hardcore 4Ă—4, have helped to stretch the definition of classic to its breaking point.

Maybe re-releases such as the original Dark Forces and Final Fantasy IX will help?

Of course, if you'd prefer to get the superior version of Star Wars: Dark Forces for the PC (probably a buck cheaper than its PSone Classics counterpart will be), you can always grab it off Steam. Pretty sure your PC can handle it.