Until PAX East kicked in Nintendo's new handhelds - the upcoming 3DS and the arrival of the DSi XL - told the tale of the week's big news. Paid DLC, as always, also pushed buttons among the week's top stories.

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Nintendo Announces New Hardware, The Nintendo 3DS
Is This How 3D Will Work On The Nintendo 3DS?
What We Know (And Think We Know) About The Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS Could Borrow 3D Trick From iPhone
Little Games on a Big Screen: DSi XL Versus DSi Graphics
Xbox Game Room Is Live And Broken
A Virtual Tour of Xbox 360's Virtual Game Room
Infinity Ward Points Finger at Activision For Modern Warfare 2 Pack Pricing
The Good, The Bad And The Fingerprinted: My Five Years With The PSP
EA: We Will Not Charge For "Traditionally Free Game Demos"
Super Guide, Vitality Sensor and Netflix DS: A Conversation With Nintendo
Electronic Arts Plans to Make You Pay for Glorified Game Demos?

Nintendo's New DS Will Still Force You To Re-Buy Your Digital Games
Nintendo President Explains Why You Need a DSi XL
The Possibilities, Surprises And Limits of Playstation's Move According to The Inventor
DSi XL Passes The Pants Test
First iPad "HD" Games Sneak Out, Including Plants Vs. Zombies HD
Wii Netflix Streaming Discs Are In The Mail
"Love" Is The Game That Earns You Respect, Breaks The World Of Warcraft Rules
The Moves of Super Street Fighter IV's Hakan and Juri
Former Mario Kart Pitch Girl Dangerously Thin
Microsoft: Natal Does Not Discriminate Against Living Rooms
WarioWare: D.I.Y.'s Monster Manual: A Thick Primer On Micro-game Making
PlayStation Move's Minority Report Controls In Action
Apple Adds Ability to Gift Apps, Games in iTunes
The 250GB Xbox 360 Hard Drive Stands Alone
The Secret World Relies on Occult and Personality To Hook Players
Yakuza In 8-Bit
Nintendo DSi XL Delivery Comes With a Five-Foot Surprise
Five Health Care Games to Make You Healthy (Or Get You Sick)
ModNation Racers Has Four-Player Splitscreen Possibly Thanks To You

Is The Best Way To Play Games The Subversive Way?
The PSP Is Dead, Long Live The PSP
Who Remembers Their First Gaming Experience?

Giant Gundam Returns With Giant Beam Saber

The Making Of A Video Game Fanboy

Speak-Up On Kotaku: Concept Art, Zelda Cellos, Stargates, and D.C. Wastes
Tim Rogers: A Week With Bob

Reviews, Previews, Hands-On and Impressions
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