Thank god it's Thursday, when new episodes of the PlayStation Network's only reality show, The Tester, brings us new trials, fresh tears and one less contestant vying for a QA position at Sony. Oh! It also brings our weekly liveblog.

Don't worry, above the fold Kotaku readers, we won't spoil the outcome of previous week episodes on the front page, but should you have ventured this far, all bets are off. Last week, professional breakdancer Goof, to whom money is no object, was canned, handing in his PlayStation Tester badge. It was sad. So many tears.

What will happen this week? Well, we're about to watch and find out. Let's do this!


Oh, and don't forget. The stars of The Tester are often seen chillin' in the Kotaku comments. So ask them your politely worded questions if you so desire.

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Quick Summary: After a few PlayStation 3 plugs, the remaining eight Tester hopefuls play some "football," armed with a catapult and catcher's net in a battle of Red versus Blue. Blue can't keep it together against the combined squatting powers of Luge and the soothing pep talk of Nauseous. Big D and Fame Girl are once again blasted by the judges for their performance as other Tester contestants help decide who stays and who goes. Cyrus, Amped and Doc's brotherhood of evil lives on, as soft-spoken Kotaku commenter Fame Girl is eliminated. Tears are shed. Next week: LARPing.