Well. I badly underestimated the participation and interest in a Kotaku photoshopping contest, and as such, we need to make a few changes to accommodate everyone in the future. But first, a roundup of submissions from our Heavy Rain debut.

We opened this feature with a challenge to punch up Quantic Dream's rather bland North American box art for its upcoming PS3 exclusive. I was surprised how many entrants took the task seriously, turning in some thoughtful concepts that are much better than the lineup-at-dawn (with wet t-shirt) slapped on the U.S. box. Of course, we got our share of silly submissions, too - about a half dozen making the obvious reference to Tay Zonday.

Following is a gallery of the 20 best submissions out of the 90 or so received in the past week. I know I said this 'Shop Contest would run for two weeks. We're changing that on the fly. This one is now closed. I'll announce a new subject tomorrow. Going forward, we'll ask that all submissions will be made in the comments.


It's the quickest and easiest way to post multiple dozens of entries and credit their creators by commenter handle. Of course, I'll mind the comments and approve as many worthy images as I can to make sure they're showed, in case an entrant is working with an unapproved account.

Thanks for bearing with us, thanks for entering, and thanks for your comments. Now, here are the 20 best from our opening round. The creators are acknowledged in the image caption and filename.

Binary Dragon

Puppy T



Anthony Aguirre





Brandon Clark



Alexander Melton

Chris Hanson




Tony P.