If the weather outside is frightful, there's a good chance Victor Fries is out there somewhere. Sony Online Entertainment reveals the DC Universe Online look for one of Batman's most tragic villains, and I'm not even counting the movie appearance.

Cryogenecist Victor Fries dedicates his life to saving his wife Nora from a rare disease, keeping her body frozen in suspended animation as he conducts experiments to try and cure his love. One day an experiment backfires, turning him into the freakish Mr. Freeze, forever confined to temperatures as frigid as his own heart. Like I said, tragic, and even more so when you read through the comics and realize that his poor ice block of a wife might as well have a giant target painted on her chest once everyone figures out what his deal is.

"Put down the freeze gun sir, we've got your wife and a blow-dryer!"

Mr Fries does not want a Snuggie for Christmas, incidentally. Such is his tragedy,.

I'm glad the DCU folks have decided to go Patrick Stewart with Fries instead of governor of California-style bad catch-phrase machine. Kill da heroes!