Stargate Worlds developer Cheyenne Mountain might have had trouble getting the MMO version of the popular sci-fi TV show developed, but the newly announced 3rd-person shooter, Stargate Resistance? No problem.

With development of the Stargate Worlds MMO still ongoing, troubled developer Cheyenne Mountain apparently isn't so troubled that they couldn't prepare a completely new title based on the franchise.

Stargate Resistance is a 3rd-person online shooter for the PC in which human forces use stargates to travel around the galaxy in order to stem the tide of a massive invasion by the System Lords. Players can take up arms on either side of the conflict, with Galactic Domination granting the winning team across multiple servers and worlds an advantage over their opponents.


The game is class-based, with humans taking selecting between Soldier, Commando, and Scientist classes and the System Lords having a choice of Jaffa, Ashrak, and Goa'uld. Players will rank up as they play, though specifics on what the benefits of increased rank will be are still up in the air.

Cheyenne Mountain has launched the official website for the game, so feel free to head over there for more details on this surprise Stargate shooter.

Stargate Resistance [Official Site via GateWorld - Thanks Samuraidino!]