Some Saturdays I feel like I should start my shift with NPR's Weekend Edition theme and the dulcet vocals of its host, Mr. Scott Simon (pictured). We weekend shift guys need to stick together, you know.

This weekend after Thanksgiving might find you indulging in a long breakfast or a colossal mug of overpriced coffee, which go with Weekend Edition like the Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Anyway, we've got a shortened report today and tomorrow to account for the holiday. Here's the deal: All standing weekend features will run at their normal times, beginning with this one, with the remainder of the posts spread out through the day on the hour, concluding by 8 p.m. There'll be eight items today and tomorrow.


Then, we're back to normal when Luke and Bash resume their regular shifts Sunday night our time. On Monday, I'll show up in the evening with my Kai Ryssdal voice. I swear, that guy reads the news like he's hitting on someone. And by the way, Simon looks nothing like I expected him to. Nor does Cory Flintoff, who I imagined as a cross between Willem Dafoe and Crecente's old nemesis assignment editor at the Rocky Mountain News. OK, now I'm just rambling. Here's the week in original coverage:

Top Stories
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ESA: Today Is A "Very, Very Good Day" For The Gaming Industry
IBM: We'll Keep Making Cell Processors As Long As Sony Needs Them

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Turning The Beautiful Game Into A Video Game

Tampa Bay's Longoria is - Officially - MLB 2K10's Cover Man

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Warcraft Turns Five
The MMOs That Rose Or Fell During World of Warcraft's Reign
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Why I Play World of Warcraft

Reviews, Previews, Hands-On and Impressions
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PSPgo Cradle Review: Dock and Go
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Review: Three's A Welcome Trend
Excitebike: World Rally Micro-Review: Race back to 1985
Astro Gaming A40 Audio System Review: Sound Advice
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