Yesterday, Madden NFL Arcade announced its Thanksgiving Week launch. Today we get the full 10-man rosters for every team in the five-on-five shootout.

Pasta Padre has the full list of all 32 teams. Everyone gets 10 players, five on offense and five on defense. On offense, each team gets a quarterback, running back, wide receiver, offensive lineman and then either a tight end or a second wideout. On defense, they get a defensive lineman, linebacker, safety and two corners. There was also some reference made to "entourages," which are additional linemen, but it wasn't clear if they're a power-up, an unlockable, or a separate game mode altogether.


Unfortunately, many players on the launch roster are out-of-date, and there will be no updates. So that means the Oakland Raiders are stuck with:

• P Shane Lechler
• OL a traffic cone
• QB JaMarcus Russell
• WR drunk rodeo clown
• RB Four-year-old in a Power Wheels

But hey, with the game's trick passing feature, Russell now has the ability to over- and underthrow his receivers on the same play!

Madden Arcade Rosters [Pasta Padre]