A few of you sent in choice pictures of video game-themed Halloween costumes you were brave enough to wear. Lucky for you, we're brave enough to post them.

If anybody else has got gamer-themed costumes they want to share, throw 'em in the comments field. I would say email 'em to me — but given that I'm still receiving pumpkin pics even now in November, I doubt they'd get to me in time to be relevant. So comment away!

P.S. Sorry, guys. I wound up not going as Peach this year because I couldn't find anybody to be my Mario.


P.P.S. Check back at 5AM for a very special Batman: Arkham Asylum costume. It's so spiffy, this boss is giving it its own post.

These are actually colleagues of mine who posted their group costume to Facebook. I re-posted here so you could compare this Zoe to the Drag Zoe in the next three pictures.