You know that splendid and poignant Guild Wars 2 art book NCsoft was handing out at PAX? Now it can be yours for a price! It's just like getting it for free, only with money!

We've learned how big a focus ArenaNet was putting on the art for Guild Wars 2 during our annual pilgrimage to the Penny Arcade Expo, which really puts the The Art of Guild Wars 2 into perspective. This isn't just concept art. As far as ArenaNet is concerned, this is the game itself. Consider the book a way of getting your hands on the MMO a little early.


North American fans can snag the book from the Penny Arcade Store for $30, while our friends in Europia can order directly from NCsoft for £20.00 or €25.00.

The Art of Guild Wars 2 [Guild Wars 2 Website - Thanks Connor!]