For the first time since the game went into open beta earlier this year, significant changes are being made to one of the classes in EA's free-to-play online shooter, Battlefield Heroes.

That class is the gunner, for whom three of his abilities have now been modified.

- The gunner's "grenade", the explosive keg, now not only inflicts damage, but slows nearby enemies as well.

- When in frenzy fire mode, gunners will now heal. The more enemies you bring down in FF mode, the more you'll heal.

- When activating shield mode, any nearby team-mates - including soldiers and commandos - will be shielded as well.


EA will also implement some features that will help distinguish higher-ranked players from rookies.

These changes, the first of several promised updated, will go live later this fall. As an avid BFH player (yes, really), I can't wait to try 'em out. You see a Royal commando by the name of "BrothelFire" running around largely unaffected by all these changes, you say hi.