Much as I wish there were more to this, like in-game XMB pizza ordering with voice, there isn't. Sony's put a Papa John's button on the system browser homepage, but it just opens the Papa John's site in the browser.

Which means the convenience factor is quite low compared to going to on a regular PC, or hell, just picking up the phone and calling your local franchise.


Still, it allows us to dream the day might come that we may simply press the triangle button (because it is shaped like a slice, natch) and, Acme-delivery-for-the-Coyote style, the doorbell rings with our hot, large two-topping and breadsticks. Of course, for a nation already battling an obesity problem, this is probably more dystopic than utopic.

Reverie aside, this is part of some promo the two companies are doing; it lasts through Sept. 27.

PapaJohn [, thanks Gaetan P.]