PlayStation fans in Japan lined up to get their hands on the newer, slimmer, cheaper PS3. Over 150,000 of them invested in the revised PlayStation 3, leading to a giant red slice of Sony dominance at home.

That's a considerable change from the console's representation from the week prior, when it moved a paltry 1,040 units. And the 151,783 consoles sold, according to Media Create, went a long, long way to helping Mobile Suit Gundam Senki Record U.C. 0081 become Japan's bestselling game.

That's partly due to the release of a Gundam/PS3 bundle, factored into Media Create's software figures.

The rest of the Japanese console war is largely same-as-it-ever-was, with the Nintendo DSi settling for second, PSP for third. Here's that war, quantitatively.

  • PlayStation 3 - 151,783
  • Nintendo DSi - 60,419
  • PSP - 22,184
  • Wii - 21,557
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 8,309
  • Xbox 360 - 6,827
  • PlayStation 2 - 3,001

The PS3 has a handful of titles coming in the next month that could help continue that momentum, including Tales of Vesperia, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Shin Sangoku Musou: Multi Raid Special. After that, Bayonetta and Tekken 6, which could help things going.