Among the towers, the PC accessories, the Galaga spaceships was a bit of early news perhaps including a glimpse at Doom II and Quake Live for the Xbox 360's Live Arcade.

[UPDATE: I should have just called this Quake Arena Arcade. Sorry about the "Quake Live" confusion.]

This top picture shows a bit of both with an official of some sort playing Doom II on an Xbox 360 while wearing a shirt that says Quake Arena Arcade.


The keynote is just a few hours away, we'll be blogging it live, but until then Totilo has walked through QuakeCon and witnessed constructions he never imagined. Behold the things gamers will build.

Doom II with an Xbox 360 controller.

It's the fake Alamo at the Gaylord Texan, home of QuakeCon 2009.

Lounging in the exhibition hall.

Your deputy editor wearing Gameskulls' $90 helmet-headphones. Better noise-canceling, they tell me!

Computers glow at QuakeCon. Or have liquid sloshing through them. Or are built to look like Galaga spaceships, as you'll see....

The Ventrilo racing pick-up.

The QuakeCon rules.

More QuakeCon rules.

Here's the Super Mario PC Nintendo never made. Also spotted someone rolling in a tower painted with Link,

The Lego Quake PC. Unofficial.

Lord of the Rings, maybe?

This one befuddled me, some sort of Nvidia special PC that had a Star Trek sign next to it.

Your Galaga PC of the day.

The Galaga guts.

And, of course, the Craftsman tool-chest PC.

The suitcase PC? Or was this a bomb I was supposed to defuse? Too late?

These people are having fun in the BYOC (bring your own computer) main hall.

And some Intel cards to wrap us up.