Ubisoft unleashes the Old West Map Pack for Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood this Thursday, with four new multiplayer maps covering important moments in Wild West history.

General Custer sure is getting a lot of play lately. The famous Battle of Little Bighorn is not only the starting point for the upcoming time-travelling shooter Darkest of Days, it's also one of the four new multiplayer maps available on August 6th for Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. Help General Custer escape his fate at the hands of the Indians on the Little Bighorn map, steal gold from the Vulture Mine, break out of jail in Fort Worth, or escape the Union's Elmira Prison Camp. All four maps are playable in any multiplayer mode.

There's no mention of a price in the press release, so we're going to assume the map pack cost $320, just so we can be pleasantly surprised when it doesn't.