A brand new download quest has appeared for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, perfect for both those who love cats to death and those who just beat them to death.

Fur will fly, items will be stole, paws will...paw, and yes - there will be belly rubs if I have anything to say about it. A new downloadable quest for Capcom's Monster Hunter Freedom Unite sees players battling their way through a horde of Felynes and Melynx cat creatures.

To the one million Felyne fans out there: At long last we bring you our special challenge! Skillfully clear this and your reward will be a very special ticket!"

That special ticket allows you to create a new armor - the Hunter T-Shirt.

I haven't picked up Monster Hunter Freedom Unite yet, but I didn't know there were kitties in it before. Big fan of kitties. *twitches*

Monster Hunter Unite DLC: 2 Colors of Meow [Capcom Unity]