A damned newsy week deserves a huge roundup: Capcom chickened out over pigs, and Fallout 3's DLC is at last coming to PS3. If nothing else, it neuters some clichéd flamebait from Fallout 3 comments.

Highlighting the rest of our original coverage, Stephen recapped last year's E3 promises. Too bad Capcom won't be there this year to make any. Bash was all over reports that swine flu hysteria will park the inventor of the T-virus in Osaka, thus spiking any unveiling of Dead Rising 2 in Los Angeles. Oh, grow a set. Circle, circle, dot, dot, Capcom got the cootie shot. Now show us some zombies.


Housekeeping note: You're getting a fun-size Kotaku today and tomorrow. I'll be posting on even-numbered hours to 6 p.m. Crecentral time today and tomorrow, as the Gawker-mans is allowing me to get my Memorial Day on. Our U.S. contingent also has Monday off. Enjoy your weekend, go play games or something.

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