I used to have this nightmare all the time where I forgot to show up for my Spanish finals in college and couldn't graduate.

See, I was a semester away from graduating when they discovered I needed to take one Spanish class to be able to earn both my degrees. I took the class, but then on the day of finals I had to tell the professor that I had to leave to go cover the gubernatorial election. The candidate, who went on to win, was a professor at University of Maryland who had granted me quite a bit of access to his campaign.


The professor, a backer of the candidate, said no problem and let me make up the final. Despite that, I went years having nightmares about missing that final and not graduating.

That's kinda like today, when I woke up this morning and suddenly remembered Owen was off today. Whoops. So here are you (late) originals. Sorry... don't fail me!

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