What Is Capcom's "13th" Title?

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In a follow-up to their fiscal reports, Capcom have released a table showing not only how many games they released last year, but how many they'll release this year. And the numbers don't add up!


Look at those PS3 numbers. It's projected that Capcom will release 13 games on the PS3 over the next 12 months. Firstly, that's a lot for a publisher of Capcom's scale. Secondly, and interestingly, it's one more than the 360, which is "only" due to see 12 games.

Being a notoriously multiplatform developer, that seems a little odd. Pretty much every Capcom game since Dead Rising has appeared on both 360 and PS3 (and normally PC as well). Whatever could that 13th game be? Some mysterious PS3 exclusive that will be unveiled as a cornerstone of Sony's E3 press conference?

Maybe. Capcom's PS3 sales estimates are higher for the PS3, despite the console having a smaller install base than the 360. So that extra game is expected to sell. But I'd think that, in keeping with the spirit of being a truly multiplatform publisher, if the PS3 does indeed get one extra game it'll be a PS3 version of Dead Rising. Let those PS3 owners who missed out first time around get acquainted with Frank.

He's covered wars, you know.

UPDATE - Yes, as some of you have pointed out, Capcom have published previous God of War games. But we don't know if they're doing that this time around. Likewise, we don't know whether they'll be publishing Red Dead Redemption in Japan (Capcom having published many other Rockstar titles).



The 13th game is GOW3 - Capcom published the prior versions too.