Metal Gear Solid series overlord and Kojima Productions head Hideo Kojima has already gone on record as saying an official game announcement from the developer will happen at E3 2009. The hype, however, starts now.

According to a report from 1UP, Kojima Productions appears to be in the initial phases of teasing that announcement. In fact, it looks like the Metal Gear team is being brash enough to tease the teaser of that announcement, tipping the site off to a countdown of what will surely be a countdown.


That "T-3" pre-teaser countdown supposedly lasts for three days, which could mean an announcement of an announcement as early as this Friday. Yes, it may very well be time to finish work on that hype-proof bunker, dear reader.

Will Kojima Productions finally revisit the Zone of the Enders series? What about those future Snatcher projects? Will someone finally reveal what Metal Gear Arcade is? Is Konami finally readying a Metal Gear Solid 4 port for... no, let's not go there just yet.

Hideo Kojima says he has two game projects in the works, one of which is squarely aimed at the Western market. E3 might be the right place to make that announcement.

Just remember that the last time we got caught up in Kojima Productions hype, we wound up with Metal Gear Solid Touch. Kojima and crew can make announcements of all shapes and sizes, so keep calm and carry on.

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