Zipper Interactive is taking its shooter know-how to a more massive scale with MAG, the developer's "massive action game" for the PlayStation 3. The epic shooter will host battles of up to 256 players online.

That's obviously far more than Zipper's SOCOM series, for which it is likely best known, operating on a design scale that's just as ambitious. Managing that many first-person shooter fans may sound like a nightmare, but individual squads will be broken down into eight person teams—and players will be rewarded for sticking with their squadron. Sony and Zipper have been relatively quiet on the game since its announcement at E3 last year, but recently showed the game off at an event held at the developer's HQ.


That means brand new media, including our first in-game look at the title. Since MAG has to support such a huge battlefield and massive numbers of player characters on-screen, it may have to make some visual concessions. Judge for yourself how good MAG looks in our gallery.