April is a busy month – April Fools, tax day, Hitler's Birthday and of course that day where we all try and pretend our planet isn't going to drift into the sun tomorrow: Earth Day.


Earth Day got going back in 1970 with U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson declaring a teach-in to educate Americans about the environment and the effects of an ever-expanding population on the natural ecosystem. It hasn't really caught on in gaming the way World War II has, but that doesn't mean we're without games to play in honor of Earth Day.

GamesRadar gets the ball rolling with a Top 7 Greenest Games list that also includes runners-up like the Captain Planet game on the NES and Mario Sunshine. The games it doesn't include are Pikmin and Ecco the Dolphin:

Now that we're at the end of the list, we can address two games that, on the surface, should have been included (but weren't). First is Pikmin, because all you're doing is rebuilding a rocket and telling a bunch of plants what to do, and the second is Ecco the Dolphin, because that asshole only cares about his pod and would kill you and your family in a heartbeat.


But if we ignore GamesRadar's prejudice against aliens and dolphins, that's a whopping 15 games you can play to celebrate Earth Day. That's almost as many games that contain Hitler... unless you have more green games to add?

The Top 7... greenest games [GamesRadar]